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Footwear Advice

Choosing the correct pair of shoes for your foot type can be a difficult task. This can be made even more complicated if you are using orthotics or other medical conditions like diabetes.

There are many different brands and types of shoes, made for all different functions and fits which can be tricky to navigate. We specialise in prescribing the correct footwear that suits your individual needs.

Before providing a footwear recommendation, our Podiatrists will assess your foot type and the needs of your sport or activity.

The assessment will consider a person’s biomechanics, foot structure, injury history and the activity that they will be used for.

This doesn't mean the end of fashionable footwear! We have a wide range of footwear the we recommend, that looks and feels great on your feet. We are stockists of Revere, Dr Comfort, Archies Thongs and Altra Running and Hiking shoes.

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