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Skin & Nail Care

Our Podiatrists are highly skilled in treating skin and nail conditions that may impact the health of your feet. We not only thoroughly treat your skin and nails, but we will also provide you with a management plan to keep them looking and feeing great.

Common skin and nail conditions we treat:

  • Corns

  • Callous

  • Dry and cracked heels (heel fissures)

  • Dry or excessively sweaty skin

  • Warts, including ‘plantar warts’ (Verrucae)

  • “Athlete’s Foot” fungal infections (Tinea Pedis)

  • Ulcers

  • Ingrown toenails, including toenail surgery

  • Deformed (thickened/disfigured) toenails

  • Fungal toenail infections (Onychomycosis)

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