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Leonardo Di Vinci once described the human foot as “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. This is due to the complexities involved with each foot possessing 33 joints, over 100 muscles and 26 bones which are all integral to proper foot function and contribute to numerous leg, foot and ankle conditions. These complexities often make pathologies affecting the lower leg, foot and ankle difficult to solve. Put your trust in our Sports Podiatrists, whose four year degree specifically focuses on the leg, foot and ankle. When should I see a Sports Podiatrist at Lakeside Podiatry? Lower limb sports injuries Knock knees, jumpers knee etc Shin splints Tendinopathies of the lower leg, ankle

Basketball Shoes: Advice, Tips & Information

The best basketball players change direction quickly with explosive bursts and are able to keep on their feet without slipping or tripping. Your basketball shoes need to be able handle multi-directional footwork, provide shock absorption and grip. FIT Make sure your shoes fit well. Your foot should not hit the end of the shoe when you put on the brakes! Incorrect shoe fit can cause blisters, callus, corns on the toes, ingrown nails and bruising under the nails. Check if you slip in your shoe. Your shoe needs to hold on to your foot, not the other way around! Lace ups are best; they help keep your foot securely back into the heel of the shoe which helps with stability. Laces also hold the ton

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